Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I've Moved...

Don't worry nothing drastic. But the reason you haven't been seeing any updates here is because my blog is now be hosted from my website "I'VE GONE GRAPHIC." It was about time everything got consolidated. I am still working on prettying everything up, so check back for updates there and hopefully you will fine something new! Wander on over!


Sunday, May 30, 2010

Brianna & Brandon's Invite

So this weekend I am gearing up and finishing the rest of the paper goodies for Brianna and Brandon's wedding and thought it was finally time to share! The wedding is coming up in 6 days! Anyways, Brianna and I have been discussing for quite a long time about wedding invites and I had the pleasuring of designing hers. I am very pleased with the final product and can't wait to do more invites today. Its very fun to use my own personal design style and meld it with the brides to create something very unique.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Ok... So I know it has been since October, but get over it! Lots has changed in my life and the thing that matters is that I have tons of items in the works; adventures, projects, and posts.

The quick update. I have a new job (it rocks), I have lots of new found freedom (which includes lots of skiing), I have a MEGA surprise coming (stay tuned in april/may-ish), I have redesigned my studio space (totally organized now) and lastly... Life is good, live in the moment, and don't worry about the past.

Anyway, I will be posting more, so please, check back more often - because I promise I will post more than every 5 months. All I can say, is although I have been M.I.A. -
2010 = New decade, New Adventures, Big Dreams, Bigger Projects.

Chronicle Books Fellowship - RD2

Long long ago - aka when I stopped blogging in October... I kinda went on hiatus aka design mega over drive for a while. I worked on revamping a bunch of projects, pumping out a few new ones and dreaming up all sorts of crazy, like this box of goodness. I really don't have to much to say, because I DID NOT get the fellowship. However I am very very proud of how this portfolio turned out. It is a vast improvement from my 1st portfolio from when I graduated from Cal Poly and as much as I liked the outside of my 1st Chronicle submission "the guts" just don't stand up to this new portfolio seen in this new post.

The portfolio itself was done in the standard amount of time, roughly 3 weeks, because why plan ahead and give yourself a ton of time?!? Actually, it's because I just thought I would give it a shot one last time... I had tried in June and thought maybe they would remember me and see some improvements, which I fully believe it shows, my book has come far. The layout was similar but I worked on my hierarchy, order of projects (I had about 4 more editorial projects than the 1st time around), and uniqueness of presentation. Overall, my idea kept kept coming back to having a game board that included elements from all my projects. The final game board turned into my route/path to Chronicle... too bad that didn't actually work out. (The dice didn't roll in my favor?) The board game was the fun part and won't really get used ever again (I am kinda done with that idea), but the process book and portfolio itself could be reused with some tweaks and changes. The process book is standard, but included more detailed descriptions about the projects, showing sketches, rounds, compared to the final piece. The portfolio style was something I had dreamed up for my first portfolio, but I could never find large enough paper, as silly as that sounds. The format however worked out perfectly for the "required 8.5x11 page size" - although I guess I cheated a little having fold out pages that were bigger than that. It's all about loop holes though, or so I figured. And maybe, there I was wrong.

Each project gives the title, one line description, and category on the left page. On the right side is a environmental photo of the project (this also may have been my down fall), that page then folds out to show details and spreads of the projects in many cases. There are a few little details that I created; for instance the tab system that is on the left side - in my signature green, green ribbon to make it easier to remove the books, the compartments in the bottom of the box that were designed specifically for the "Feeling Lucky" cards, game pieces and process book... I could go on and on, but really the pictures explain it all fairly well. If you have any interest of what projects I included or anything about creating this wondrous blue book please let me know - I am more than happy to share.

The Box: Included - Portfolio Book, Project List (required element, including short descriptions, completion dates, materials), Game Board, "Feeling Lucky" Cards: chance cards, Game Pieces + 1 Die, and Process Book

Things learned... which I should have known by now. You can never spell check enough (command + i : inDesign). Never rely on your own eyes, employ an editor or if you can't, call your Mom, like me! (Just don't do it after the fact!) So my down fall, I will never know, however being that Chronicle is a publisher, pretty sure my 3 spelling errors didn't help me one little bit (palm + forehead or as Homer would say... "Doh!")

All and all, it didn't matter in the long run. I went out on a limb and tried for the fellowship, didn't get it of course, but then was given the fabulous opportunity that I have now! I really love my new job (see my LinkedIn) and already have enjoyed learning new design tricks, oh and pixal/photoshop land isn't so scary after all.

Please excuse any poor grammar - My editor was busy tonight! HAHA.

Sunday, October 25, 2009


so i have gotten into this re-design kick lately, i had some old projects i still kinda liked, but didn't really love. most recently i found my older files, and digging through, i came across "dusk 'til dawn" from the asi days. i have always been attached to the illustration, but the type, well, not so much. i had gotten many comments that it should be real writing and not a font to achieve that hand drawn look. i had always not liked that aspect much anyways, but many of the elements still worked. so i did some style research and font hunting which brought me to the final product as seen below. it looks a little crazy on the brick, but i kinda like the "slap as many posters up on the walls as you can in a day to advertise the circus is in town" vintage look, so its staying that way for now. it's an interesting vibe at least. anyways... ta da!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Pecha Kucha Night SLO

It's time to share. The ball is rolling and my mind is spinning. The date has been confirmed and I am now working quickly to prepare for :: Pecha Kucha Night SLO :: Volume 9 on Friday, November 13th @ Steynberg Gallery, San Luis Obispo, 1531 Monterey St. I have been really wanting to get involved in the SLO Art Community and I am finally getting a chance! I will be speaking about my senior project, and now on going project, "The Unconventional Oddities of San Luis Obispo". Most who know the project will be surprised because I am scrambling, it will get done, but I am adding a new component to the project. However, you will have to wait to find out, sorry. So mark your calendars, bring tons of friends, and please come support me! I only get 6 min 40 sec of fame, so it's short/sweet and completely scary/nerve-racking all at the same time. Wish me luck and let the countdown begin! (yes, many ! used, but totally necessary) Check out the official :: Pecha Kucha Night :: for the history of the event, which 110 cities participate in, and more about the format.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Interference by Type.

This video has been making the rounds, but I just thought I would share anyways since you most likely don't read everything I read too. Recently this video from Justice for the remix of Let Love Rule by Lenny Kravitz was released. The video is very interesting because it is as if we missed the movie and now we are just seeing the end credits. It seems pretty lame until you begin to notice the characters interaction with the typography. He sets soda cans, hangs dry cleaning, and lastly smashes chunks of the type to smithereens with a baseball bat aka my favorite part. I didn't post the video to stay out of trouble so see the screen shots and make sure to check out the video from the posted link. Overall,l I am glad to see graphic design and typography especially being recognized and put on stay in our mainstream culture.

(The video was directed by Keith Schofield)

* I am working on the images filling the whole post better. It might require a switch to A. a new blog look or B. a new host? Will see.