Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Ok... So I know it has been since October, but get over it! Lots has changed in my life and the thing that matters is that I have tons of items in the works; adventures, projects, and posts.

The quick update. I have a new job (it rocks), I have lots of new found freedom (which includes lots of skiing), I have a MEGA surprise coming (stay tuned in april/may-ish), I have redesigned my studio space (totally organized now) and lastly... Life is good, live in the moment, and don't worry about the past.

Anyway, I will be posting more, so please, check back more often - because I promise I will post more than every 5 months. All I can say, is although I have been M.I.A. -
2010 = New decade, New Adventures, Big Dreams, Bigger Projects.

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