Thursday, December 11, 2008

smoked salmon snacks.

one more for yah.

this was for a friend. he is a real salmon fisherman, from alaska and everything. fun little belly band that would go around a paper board box with the salmon inside. *the fish would be a die-cut so you could see the product. i am going to make a mock up to see if its worthy of the portfolio or not. ill post those once i get them done.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

berserker cycle design.

told you ive been busy.

well this one was done a while back. done over summer, but just finally had time to dig it up and post it. ill have even more work to put up soon! i seem to be just cranking stuff out. lots of little fun things for friends... *i seem to be doing a lot of others peoples homework, but its fun and sometimes way better then my homework. anyways berserker. ta-da.

oh yeah i would have to say they were my first real client. thanks!

my final project for photoshop class.

its a combo of watercolors (tweaked for color palette), photos done in the studio (thanks eric and friends), and the my personal touch of illustrations to bring a little bit more personality to the final images. not gonna lie I still need some practice blending and cutting out people, i am gonna go back and work some more but these are the finals that i turned in. i printed them somewhat poster size (17x8 in). i would love to try this concept again in a more graphic way... will see.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

hi hi.
so just an update.

just did hound hooks for a group of IT students at cal poly. it was for for a product they designed, created, and sold.
this was the final the logo of the few I made. the leash still bugs me a little so i might need to go back and fix it.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

senior project.

im getting back in the game. the ball is rolling and im getting closer to graduating.

this means... "drum roll please" i was approved for senior project! let the research now begin for expanding this little travel guide. "The Unconventional Oddities of San Luis Obispo" is now under way. If you now of any weird things in slo and care to share, let me know. ciao for now.

Monday, November 17, 2008

photo illustrations.

a little creation that will soon be a part of a photograph series. it will be a bit until the project is finished, but i will keep you posted. check back.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

been gone so long.

sorry for being gone so long. i have been asked what has become of me... i am here to say, i am still alive. working hard and just very busy. i just got back from a trip to chicago with cal poly's industrial technology department to the pack expo. it was awesome every aspect of the packaging world: materials, machines, designers, suppliers. so much stuff it was crazy. the expo was monday through thursday, so much to take in. after the expo however, we got to explore the city. its pretty fabulous there, the weather even for being cold was such a nice change from this crazy warm november we are having in california. anyways, all and all, i am back. i will try to update much more often because i have got some little projects going on. for now i leave you with this cool graffiti art we came across in chicago.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


its been a busy few weeks here in little Slo Town. i wish i could share with you what i have most recently been working on a lot but its a work project and so... i cant really share. i will post images if the work gets used though, so look for that soon or maybe never? as for what i have here, this is my first attempt at collage like this, lighting isnt perfect but i kinda like it that way. this was from a trip to yosemite right before school started. it was a great way to end the summer. thats all for now. gotta get back to work to put some more stuff up!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

construction zone.

soo. im playing a little bit with the layout and trying to find out how to get an image to fill the whole space too. so work with me... please? i've got some stuff in the works, some new projects and such more will be told around the 18th. ive got this update in the works and a revamp of my portfolio site as well. toodles for now.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

join aiga.

not to many of my readers still go to call poly still, but this more or less just showing what i've been up to school and design wise. with that... aiga first meeting is this thursday! personally i am a little nervious being the president but i have a feeling this year will be pretty good. got some good ideas going hopefully we can just get people involved. more info on aiga visit

Sunday, September 21, 2008

happy start to school.

so its been a while and again i will say i am going to try and post more often. many changes are going on here in the next month or so. school starts again and much more. currently working on a re-design and possibly a transition to another format. i am doing some research and having to teach myself a lot so its taking some time. but expect a new layout and hopefully more of a direction of my content. toodles for now and check back. ill try and post some inspiration for in the next few days to hold everyone over.

Thursday, August 7, 2008


the iPhone brought this on!

dang those fun iPhone apps, meaning i am on Twitter now (pretty much its more stalker-ish then facebook, but who cares)
social networking is the way to go, you can meet new people this way and get connected.

Follow Me!
username: ivegoneGRAPHIC or try just searching amandawallace

bike packaging.

tyler and i fixed our bikes up the other weekend, which included a couple trips to Art's Cyclery. got some new tires for Ty and some break cables for me. we were in the shop for quite a bit while they put the new tires and tubes on for us, but that gave me a bunch of time to look around. of course i was drawn to bright colors and cool packaging and this was one of my favorites. simple design, but good graphics/color, good display of the product, and fun type. i almost bought the bike light just for the packaging, how nerdy am i?!?!

(taken w/ my iPhone = why the pictures aren't super sharp.)

Friday, August 1, 2008

the "sweetness" of iPhone.

actually maybe not I went to upload the pics and I couldn't so I guess I need to find an app for that. Lame. Well I'll down load my doodles when I get home that I wanted to post. Till then join twitter!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

big news! But not really.

so currently I am doing something a little strange, but cool at the same time! I'm posting this from my snazzy new iPhone! Eekkk soo fun. (mom forgive me now for typos, I'll go back and fix them) so it was a good day yesterday a new toy which is helping me communicate better with everything going on here at i've gone graphic. I never thought they were something you really really needed, but I've now had it like 24 hours and would be extremely sad if I it was taken from me. Haha.

anyways enough about the dumb phone, I know.
So yesterday night I saw john mayor live at the midstate fair! so amazing. I'll try and post a video, I was very impressed with my little digital camera. after that long day of fun I worked a lot and also was able to finish the Berserker Cycle Design logo. still not sure about the snot green Adam, haha. anyways it's been a good week check back for pictures.

Friday, July 18, 2008

green things.

i didnt intentional pick these images because they both have a lot of green, but funny how that worked. anyways this post is just to share some fun things to look at. first off is the restaurant front made of old windows. almost every rectangular shape has a different style of old window, all come together to makes for very catchy curb appeal. (images taken in Sebastopol, CA of West Country Grill) the next set are off these really cool looking caterpillars that are found sometimes on tomato plants, known as "tomato hornworm." they look neat with the pattern and they can get really large, (found two really big ones today) but you want to get rid of them because they will eat your tomatos.... sooo not cool! so yeah we put ours in the green waste bin :(. *if you haven't noticed, we are growing tomatoes! tyler and i have 4 tomato plants (big ones) growing in the backyard.

maybe ill have to start having color theme'd posts?

Thursday, July 17, 2008

an end to the swag.

hello all.

i know i have been away again for good amount of time. the sad part is i currently return with nothing. i learned first had the hardships of being a freelance designer since i was last here. i found out just because you design things for a client, (getting deep into the process aka almost having the whole identity completed) doesn't mean they can't say, "nah we changed our minds we are going to go with something else." meaning my fun designs i created ( posted in my previous post for "swag" ) aren't being used. which i am totally cool with cause i can use the ideas/styles another time, the coolest one wasn't even posted, but it will be eventually I am gonna rework it a little and maybe make some shirts with the mark. ill post it once i finish it up. so as that door closed i got a cool chance to work with a friend on a project he is working on. he has a company, Berserker Cycle Design, that i am designing the logo for and maybe some other stuff. will see. i will also post those once the design gets finalized. check back soon, i should have some fun stuff up in a week or sooo. its summer soo posting is a little slower, sorry design'y friends who read this expecting more.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

a little SWAG...

this summer got off to a slow start, aka i wasn't design' much outta the gates, but everything is moving along now.

im working on a little fun project, for some swag at a conference. below are just some ideas, all a little different. they all look a little me so my goal is now to figure out how to make them appeal more to a little older generation. soo off to do some more exploration, but thought it would be nice to share because i haven't posted in a while. ill try and post some more progress as i go.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

its june?!?

so, i took a little "vaycay" from this place. not on purpose but more because i have been designing less this quarter. meaning there wasn't much to post about. as for a recap... i saw the last of the posters i designed while at ASI. i should be starting with iiidesign soon, i have two more finals and then i am done with this year. i learned i suck at chemistry and i can't wait to get started on my way crazy idea for a hot pink alumminum potfolio case. will see how it goes, but i have a game plan.

as for the way this blog thing is gonna work from now on is gonna change a bit, for the better i think. haha.
i have been told (far to many times) that i like to talk... a lot. at least it isn't about dumb stuff, but i really have become interested in the design world in search of inspiration, see what others are doing, im also interested in the enviromental part of our world, so i like to talk about that. so those things might make an appearence from time to time. if you know me or are a regular buddy on iChat you know most likely know i surf the net a lot and find things. so i am going to share them with you here, on my blog. i like sharing, cause i am always up to learn something knew. so you are more then welcome to share anything you find with me too.

so i am off to enjoy the good weather before work tonight and then its a study weekend for me. ill try and post something this weekend though i have a few little things that i finally finished to show off. toodles.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

a change.

so, it's time to put the sadness and the fact that i will never see my mini portfolio ever again behind me. much has changed from the last post. i had an interview the same day i was turned down from pixar, by the end of the week i had an internship for the summer! it is with a little studio in town called iiidesign. i am very excited i think i will be able to learn alot there. as for taking the internship, that brought me to today my last day with asi. it was a great year there, so much fun to see things i designed all over campus. but it was time for a change and a move to refining and cleaning up my designs.

moving to now. i am taking a nice break from a lot of work, just working a little at apple and design' a lil' on the side. next project up is my best friend Jenn's graduation announcements. ill post them when i am done, check back after the weekend maybe?

oh this summed up my mood when i got my internship. hehe.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


sad news.

no wicked cool pixar internship for me. got my generic rejection email. my chin is up, this was the second time at "no," but I have already begin to plan how to blow them outta the water. i am thinking maybe just mail myself as my portfolio instead. that way i would at least finally get inside the gate and look around. anyways, i am not even mad or that disappointed, because i know it was a long shot, but i just really wish i could get my portfolio back.... it was sweet!

if you want help me plot a way to get into pixar so i can steal it back, you let me know.

next year.....
third times a charm.

oh p.s. i dont like panda fortune cookies anymore either, it said good things would happen in May. it was wrong.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

back to design.

ok, soo i know i haven't posted in a while.
i have just getting my quarter in order. as for a little update on whats going on...

1. I am working with Cuesta's English department on their Literary Annual Tellus. I am just finishing up this weekend and then it will be sent off to the printers Tuesday morning. This will be my first heavy text book! For all the Cal Poly people it is Cuesta's version of Cp's Byzantium.

2. I am finishing up the marketing for ASI's "May Mayhem" aka the UU on crack. It is similar to the "Dusk 'til Dawn" event I designed the marketing for earlier in the year. The Mayhem concept was about things going in every direction, lots of arrows. (see below)

3. I love number 3! That's because #3 is my side projects. haha. I am not gonna spill the beans yet. These projects are still in the concept phase, but I teaming up with friend and working on some stuff. I want it to be a surprise, but as for the medium we are going to explore with photography and illustrations. Lots of movement and minimal color, you will just have to wait and see.

As for the completed stuff...
I am finally posting JUNO!
6 boxes of Tic Tacs, lots of scanning, a little illustration and hand drawn messy (on purpose) type = The posters for the upcoming screening of JUNO through ASI.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

back in the game.

the break is over.
school started again. should be an interesting quarter because i don't have any "design" classes. i am however, in a cool packaging (IT 330) class. basically i get to play with packaging machines and make cool things. i am on the path to that packaging minor. now i just have to get over physics and its smooth sailing... keep your fingers crossed.

anyways i am getting to posting some work from the end of the quarter. knocked up is first to come this week.
i am gonna try and post something tomorrow and later in the week too because i still have Juno ( w. tic tacs), salt book final pictures, holes book, oddities of slo book with final cover. so check back later.

Sunday, March 30, 2008


if you know me, hopefully by now you know i have a "luv" for pixar.
i look forward to the day when one of their new movies come out to see how cool the the movie looks. i am kinda silly, i have to watch movies i really like twice. the 1st time: watch movie and drool at how cool stuff looks and think about how some of the cool stuff is done. programing etc. also study some details, look for fun things. kinda pay attention to the other regular stuff all movie. the 2nd time: watch the movie, just to watch and enjoy. i can't help from doing it. i get really sucked into its cool graphics etc. the first time!

here is a cool poster i saw using the wall-e character. yeah june 27th.

Friday, March 28, 2008


its true. i finally mailed it.
the tracking # even kicked in now.

we'll see.
keep your fingers crossed!
also I'll be back to work on Tuesday and will put up my exploration in Tic Tac aka the Juno marketing campaign at ASI. for now, its back to enjoying the last bit of spring break and enjoying the book stores for inspiration for "tellus." more to come on that soon.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


the title says it all.
i am at work, getting paid to make a typeface out of tic-tacs?!?

it's a good day at work.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

day off.

so I am only posting this to remind others that sometimes it is good to take a day off. yesterday was my first day off since the quarter began in january. anyways, it was wonderful, went and got coffee and it was a little rainy. good hang out day. looked for books and just hung out. i finally got to start my new book "the learners" by chip kidd. so far so good.

one good quote i liked so far...
"I'm a graphic designer... I pretty much see the world as one big problem to solve. one typeface, one drawing, one image at a time."

i'll post more as i read.
one more paper to write and then quarters over. and then it's on to play with my letterpress over spring break. below is a shot while drinking coffee and then a shot of my book.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

web update.

soooo get excited... well at least i am, because i finally figured out "flash." it was a challenge and i still have a a ton to learn, but for as little as i know i was able to redo my website. sorry for those who liked the little girl, she will come back one day (when i find her file) but for now its all about the eyes! so check it out, I've Gone Graphic. i am redirecting the site currently, so if it isn't there yet try my .Mac version

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

student show.

its been a busy week. made book for monday. made student show card for tuesday + coming up with idea for final book arts project (idea still sorta TBD). anyways. but the student show is coming up and it is something i have started to look forward to the last couple years. information will be coming soon about that, but... drum roll please..... i finished the card. well at least i think so. i just have to go show the gallery one more time tomorrow after making sure the card was tightened up. the final product is below. i tried something a little different with a little inspiration.

Monday, March 3, 2008

the unconventional oddities of san luis obispo.

oh illustration how i hate and love you.
this little gem, was a little book/story. in my case, an adventure for my illustration. i attacked my project in an "unconventional" (my favorite word of the moment, along with "mundane") way. the project, at first, was like pulling teeth because I was frustrated and unsure of what to do. i luckily got some inspiration and then found a way to mesh my design-y-ness and my doodling style. over all, i was very happy with how the project turned out. i think i might make an edition of this book over spring break, so let me know if you would like one.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

portfolio for Pixar.

so i am setting my bar high, which most of you already know i tend to do, and apply to PIXAR for an internship. this is my beautiful - one of a kind, never to be repeated - mini (5x7) portfolio that will never be given back. sadly. i whipped up the little box and now i want to keep it. yikes. but, sometimes it is better to make something that will give the extra "oooo...." factor. keep your fingers crossed, and maybe i'll get lucky and at least get an interview. here's hoping the box will show i can think out of the box?

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

procrastination station.

this is my procrastination from working on my edition for bookarts. it's a work in progress, but enjoy until it changes or send me feedback on how i could make it better.

Monday, February 11, 2008

submit your "queen."

i hope some of my friends will actually submit images of their "queen" on their desk or other location. it would be fun to have a collection of different ones from all over. please email them to me, or send me a link. thanks. would love to hear from you.

1. The 1st image was submitted by Karina an Apple peep.

"off with their heads!"

so i had told my mom i would make a christmas Moxie, and that didn't happen. so, for the next holiday, she was gonna be glam' for my 22nd birthday which is coming up. but instead, something a lil' more fun. and for everyone, some valentine's day fun. its been a work in progress, over the last week - working here and there, but brought to you by I've Gone Graphic, is Moxie as "The Queen of Hearts." you are more than welcome to download and print her out to make your own festive valentine's desk buddy. enjoy.

print, cut out w/ x-xacto, score w/ bone folder and glue.
and then you have a finished queen just like mine.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

when it rains it pours.

my source of inspiration. so new project in the works. an edition of 10 books with a 2 week time frame. details: you must use a label from a food or beverage, use all the contents of the label, but you can use it as a place to start. also the books can be no larger then 5.5inch x 5.5inch. it sounds like a lot but i am very excited about this project. check back for updates. i hope to put up some pics of the progress soon.

Friday, January 25, 2008

my first and only teeny bopper moment in my life.

just as a follow up on my perez-ness. yes he came to cal poly. it was fabulous and so much fun. he talked about himself and what he has done in life and how he got to where he is now. don't worry he still talked gossip. got my picture w/ the man of the hour, although sadly it wasn't that great, because my camera sucks and its time to get a new one after tonight's performance. my fun moments.

1. Perez signed my poster.
2. He loved the buttons and said so in front of the whole crowd of like 800+ people, before he knew who made them.
3. The best moment though.... Seeing the 500 buttons I designed being worn by almost everybody. First time I have seen so many people with something I designed. so, so, sooo cool to me. now if only some how, he gave props on his blog. how cool would that be especially since he gets 7-8 Million hits a day!?!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

my guilty pleasure.

soo if you are in San Luis Obispo, CA today... Thursday 1/24/08 come enjoy what my little secret reading PEREZ.
yes good ole' PEREZ HILTON will be in SLO and if you know me, I would never miss this event, plus i designed the marketing materials. don't you worry you will hear about it most likely shortly after and hopefully i will have a picture with the man of the hour. haha.

the secret is out.

so i am gonna blab now.
i bought a letterpress to go with the 27 typefaces i received for christmas. it is a glorious little machine and i cant wait to ink up and take it for another test drive. the first run was an experience, it isn't easy as you can see my ink isn't evenly distributed. check back for more prints and the adventures me and "tink tink" (yes, my little kelsey press already has a name) go through over the next few months.

welcome to my fabulous collection of art supplies "tink tink"

Thursday, January 17, 2008

a fresh 2008.

hello all.
happy 2008.

i have been gone for a while now, but guess what? i am back and ready to get my crafty-ness and flashy-ness on this new quarter at CP. be on the watch for fun posts of progress in book arts, illustration, and FLASH. this is my quarter i hope to really push the limits and really see in what new ways i can use my graphic design skills. check back soon and look for a post on monday of my fabulous new purchase that i can't wait to use. i've already blabbed on and on about it in the non-digital world.

can you guess what it is?