Friday, January 25, 2008

my first and only teeny bopper moment in my life.

just as a follow up on my perez-ness. yes he came to cal poly. it was fabulous and so much fun. he talked about himself and what he has done in life and how he got to where he is now. don't worry he still talked gossip. got my picture w/ the man of the hour, although sadly it wasn't that great, because my camera sucks and its time to get a new one after tonight's performance. my fun moments.

1. Perez signed my poster.
2. He loved the buttons and said so in front of the whole crowd of like 800+ people, before he knew who made them.
3. The best moment though.... Seeing the 500 buttons I designed being worn by almost everybody. First time I have seen so many people with something I designed. so, so, sooo cool to me. now if only some how, he gave props on his blog. how cool would that be especially since he gets 7-8 Million hits a day!?!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

my guilty pleasure.

soo if you are in San Luis Obispo, CA today... Thursday 1/24/08 come enjoy what my little secret reading PEREZ.
yes good ole' PEREZ HILTON will be in SLO and if you know me, I would never miss this event, plus i designed the marketing materials. don't you worry you will hear about it most likely shortly after and hopefully i will have a picture with the man of the hour. haha.

the secret is out.

so i am gonna blab now.
i bought a letterpress to go with the 27 typefaces i received for christmas. it is a glorious little machine and i cant wait to ink up and take it for another test drive. the first run was an experience, it isn't easy as you can see my ink isn't evenly distributed. check back for more prints and the adventures me and "tink tink" (yes, my little kelsey press already has a name) go through over the next few months.

welcome to my fabulous collection of art supplies "tink tink"

Thursday, January 17, 2008

a fresh 2008.

hello all.
happy 2008.

i have been gone for a while now, but guess what? i am back and ready to get my crafty-ness and flashy-ness on this new quarter at CP. be on the watch for fun posts of progress in book arts, illustration, and FLASH. this is my quarter i hope to really push the limits and really see in what new ways i can use my graphic design skills. check back soon and look for a post on monday of my fabulous new purchase that i can't wait to use. i've already blabbed on and on about it in the non-digital world.

can you guess what it is?