Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Good things come from Twitter.

For the record my life is not consumed by Twitter, although I do realize I mention it a lot lately. Its a communication tool, so get over it, it's here to stay. Plus it's not so bad when you receive fun packages because you won something via Twitter. As most people know I am a book nerd, yes, I even like the smell of a good old book with aged paper. With this interest naturally I follow @ChronicleBooks. Last week they mentioned if you retweet their tweet, you would be entered to win a poster for Pictoral Webster's. The message was a link for Give-Away they are having for one "a fine press edition" of the book.

To celebrate the release of our new line of Pictorial Webster's books and gift products, Chronicle Books is thrilled to offer you the chance to win a fine press edition of Pictorial Webster's hand-bound in leather with an engraved book cover & letter-press interior, including gold leaf and hand stamped edges & end papers.

The book sounds amazing and I entered of course! It uses way to many of my favorite things and I have my fingers crossed I hit a lucky streak (ran out of luck, didnt get the AIGA ticket) and that beautiful book adorns my shelves in the future. Ok, ok back to what I won... so I retweeted the Give-Away tweet and won 1 of 5 posters for the Twitter Give-Away! Pretty much made my day last week because I usually don't win anything. Today when I got back from work, I found a cute little packing tube from Chronicle Books waiting for me. The poster is very fun and its color scheme is very popular our household. I am working on redoing my studio space, so I will have to find a spot for it. This is going to sound silly, but I think one of my favorite things on the poster is the rounded corners! I am a fan of details, duh, plus I don't think I have any other posters with rounded corners. Check out the poster below and if you would like to enter the Give-Away for "a fine press edition" click here.

Sorry for the not so great photos.
Taken from my iPhone because my camera is MIA due to the rearranging of the studio.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Neenah Paper = AIGA Conference

hello to my readers!

so, today has brought on opportunity, however I need your help.
so, today... I can on the power of the interwebs. P.S. That means YOU!

This is how it works. I was really really sad I didn't have sufficient funds to travel to Memphis for the most awesomest (yes, I am making up words) conference aka Make/Think: AIGA. I even applied for Command X, wasn't picked though, but it was worth the try and I will be trying again someday. Can't even buy tickets at this point, but today I noticed (via @NeenahPaper) that Neenah Paper said they were giving away a ticket to the conference. The rules are as follows:

There are several ways to enter our AIGA Conference Pass drawing, so pay attention – 1) new fans should click to become a fan of Neenah and leave a comment on our wall; 2) existing fans can post a comment on our wall; or 3) invite your friends to become fans and every time they mention your name on our wall, you’re entered again. Start posting now because you only have until Fri, Sep 25th at 5 p.m. Good luck!

Ok... so now I ask you, become a Fan for me. Neenah Paper Rocks so why wouldn't you! The important part mention my name and help me get more chances to win a ticket. Thanks, if you do and I will be AIGA-ing it up in Memphis. Lastly you could always tweet to them too maybe... tell them to send @IveGoneGRAPHIC

- Maybe I am trying to hard? Nahh.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Busy Busy.

This past week has been a little crazy. As a side note, I got a tandem this weekend, and so now I am playing catching up on side projects and such. However I am posting a little doodle, if you have followed me for a while you might remember it. Also... I seem to be notice more traffic, please comment on any of my work or posts. Critiques are good or just if you like something. Look for more projects in the near future.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

trendy: balloons

i wasn't sure if i would post this at first, but i changed my mind. it doesn't really fit my normal topics, however follows a trend i have noticed. while surfing channels about a month ago i stopped because pastel balloons caught my eye. then for 3 min i watched Kid Cudi (Feat. Kanye West & Common) - Make Her Say (I Poke Her Face) it had balloons, samples lady gaga (my current guilty pleasure, ahaha), and using a split screen to create simple, yet interesting affect with some scenes: stairs, pools, windows, etc. below are a few screen shots of the music video, hopefully i don't get in trouble? check out the video though, i impressed our friend Will because i had already seen the video. glad to know we have the same taste in some things. anyways enjoy the balloons and maybe you will notice them around more often now. they seem to always make you smile, brightens the day.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

portfolio case.

this post is long overdue. i have slacked at taking good photos of my portfolio case to feature because it is a piece in itself. the box was designed specifically to hold my portfolio book and samples of my work. it is import for me to carry some of my finished pieces, because many are books and show much better in person for proof of craft, typography,etc.

the box was quite the project. i made about 2 full practice boxes, originally having a drawer/sleeve for the book. this was later simplified to the shelf that was implemented in the finished product. i am very proud of the box, except for a few bubbles which sadly were caused by the box sitting in a hot car while our AIGA group was touring studios. no one noticed the bubbles except myself and charmaine, (which is why i was kicking myself for the bubbles) i knew she would notice. ugh. oh well more practice making elaborate boxes is good in the long run. i love this portfolio case and it worked perfect for my presentation at AIGA SF Portfolio Day. however, I think it will become much more sleek for the next time it's needed. i see a redesign in the future, which can only mean a better design.

check back later on my webiste for better studio shots. these were just taken in my backyard as the sun was setting, just wanted to finally share.

making bogie stencil's

i have been bugging my awesome roommate Brian (@bman530 & author of freshasaurus) for a while to make me a stencil after seeing him make a present for his girlfriend. we decided on prints of Bogie. i have talked about Bogie before. he is my cute little longhair red dapple mini dachshund. a mouth full i know. the image we selected, although it doesn't highlight his recognizable characteristics, the smirk on his face shows his personality. the stencil was made in three layers, and after doing a test run, i encouraged brian to play with shading and so we began to make many prints-trading off on spraying layers. below are a few images, but head over to freshasaurus: bogie stencil for images of the process.

AIGA SF 25th Anniversary Book.

One of the perks of being an AIGA member is occasionally getting something fun in the mail. They do seem to be cutting back on the amount of paper used, because I haven't gotten any really oversized posters recently. I took a few snap shots of some of the spreads in the book the day I got it. Its AIGA SF's (@AIGA SF) 25th Anniversary Book. I was very grateful for the present, but I was a little disappointed with the design. Just felt it could have been a little more modern. The design did sorta fit the style of AIGA's font and such... sorta of a play of the brand and identity, at least thats the vibe i got, which wasn't a bad idea. so all and all i am happy. whenever i get something from AIGA, I do think of the 365. Ahhh thats the best gift of the whole year.