Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Moxie - The Readymech

its been a long time, but remember my "readymech" i talked about a long long time ago, well she is finally up to be looked at. I was cleaning up the computer and final came across the file. hope you'll enjoy and just as a recap. we had to make flat templets that could be cut out and made into a character or creature. mine was inspired by my friend Lauren who is off in Italy for the year, but it later evolved into me w/ a twist. i will get around to posting my package project soon i need to redo some of the photos, but maybe ill give a sneak peak of what all the printed stuff looks like if i get time tonight.

p.s. the photo of moxie all together is bad, still need to put her actually in a light tent and have a shoot with her the right way.