Thursday, August 7, 2008


the iPhone brought this on!

dang those fun iPhone apps, meaning i am on Twitter now (pretty much its more stalker-ish then facebook, but who cares)
social networking is the way to go, you can meet new people this way and get connected.

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bike packaging.

tyler and i fixed our bikes up the other weekend, which included a couple trips to Art's Cyclery. got some new tires for Ty and some break cables for me. we were in the shop for quite a bit while they put the new tires and tubes on for us, but that gave me a bunch of time to look around. of course i was drawn to bright colors and cool packaging and this was one of my favorites. simple design, but good graphics/color, good display of the product, and fun type. i almost bought the bike light just for the packaging, how nerdy am i?!?!

(taken w/ my iPhone = why the pictures aren't super sharp.)

Friday, August 1, 2008

the "sweetness" of iPhone.

actually maybe not I went to upload the pics and I couldn't so I guess I need to find an app for that. Lame. Well I'll down load my doodles when I get home that I wanted to post. Till then join twitter!