Sunday, October 25, 2009


so i have gotten into this re-design kick lately, i had some old projects i still kinda liked, but didn't really love. most recently i found my older files, and digging through, i came across "dusk 'til dawn" from the asi days. i have always been attached to the illustration, but the type, well, not so much. i had gotten many comments that it should be real writing and not a font to achieve that hand drawn look. i had always not liked that aspect much anyways, but many of the elements still worked. so i did some style research and font hunting which brought me to the final product as seen below. it looks a little crazy on the brick, but i kinda like the "slap as many posters up on the walls as you can in a day to advertise the circus is in town" vintage look, so its staying that way for now. it's an interesting vibe at least. anyways... ta da!

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molly said...

ah! so much improved and lovely!!