Monday, July 27, 2009

a must read blog.

i stumbled across :sleeveface: some how, sorry i can't remember if somebody else told me, tyler already claims he's seen it. anyways who cares. just wanted to share because its got some great compositions which are centered around the use of vinyl record sleeves. i have a friend down the hall who has a ton of records, so we joked and maybe in the future might try and submit a few images, haha. i'll let you know if that ever happens. for now check out

my favorite image from recent posts.

did i mention i love plastic bags?

earlier in the year, around february i created an interesting piece in was a poster/framed collage of different color plastic bags cut into shapes and then melted together via use of a iron. trust me i had the thought, "this can't be to good for me, since the smell of burning plastic is kinda strange." oh well after a few experiments and about an hour of carefully ironing everything together... after way more practice than that.

well the point of this post however was to share some work from :Virginia Fleck: an artists from Austin, Texas. I posted a few of her images below but really please check out her site because her work is lovely. the prints and colors from so many bags inspired me to try this type of art for a class project. my piece resembled her work but my finished piece was a square and looked a lot more crinkled. i ironed a little long giving the work some bubbles and imperfections. it worked in the long run because the idea was to make it look more like trash trying to be beauty then giving it the full make over and turning into high art. anyways check out Ms. Fleck, I would love to see the work in person sometime to see the texture of the finished work.

p.s. if you want some help learning how to iron plastic grocery bags... i learned by reading this post. also i will try and find an image of my final piece. me digging up this link reminded me i never got it back after it was in the case, it was in there soo long, i don't even remember if or when it came down. woops. lets hope its still around.

a must read blog.

so i have have a ton of links piling up and my new place to post (i will let you know when it lives) isn't ready yet, so i'm going to post a few here for the time being but they will move later, i think. anyways. let the fun begin. : the annotated weekender : is a blog that features only images from the : guardians weekend magazine :

the blog is a lovely mixture of illustrations on top of pages of the publication. the illustrations have such character. cute little monsters with big noses. my favorite of the moment is one of the newest posts of a pirate in the seas on soda can. there is much to see, a few babies with mustaches, sea monsters, birds, etc. so many fun posts, just makes me want to doodle all over my magazines now. would be a good use for all those old stacks of strange magazines (don't worry no dwell, real simple, print, how, or ID will be going in that pile) oh and i recommend checking thursday-ish for new posts, but there is always some fun surprises, seems to be the trick right now though. just check it out.

(thanks for the link @dannytree!)