Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Moxie - The Readymech

its been a long time, but remember my "readymech" i talked about a long long time ago, well she is finally up to be looked at. I was cleaning up the computer and final came across the file. hope you'll enjoy and just as a recap. we had to make flat templets that could be cut out and made into a character or creature. mine was inspired by my friend Lauren who is off in Italy for the year, but it later evolved into me w/ a twist. i will get around to posting my package project soon i need to redo some of the photos, but maybe ill give a sneak peak of what all the printed stuff looks like if i get time tonight.

p.s. the photo of moxie all together is bad, still need to put her actually in a light tent and have a shoot with her the right way.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

activities guide done.

It's offical ya'll, the ASI Winter activites and Events guide is done! it went off to the printers today (Jano) should get the proof back thursday and then we should see them in hand sometime next week. can't wait and soo glad its finally finished. its a bound up guide with a tri-fold and roll fold.

Monday, November 19, 2007

im living life at a fast pace... aka designing at a fast pace.
there has been a lot to do lately.... and the state of mind of going graphic surely has been reached a few times. there have been tears, there was design overload, but stuff is getting done.

here is a sneak peak of how this poster is going along for the ASI Events and Activities Guide. It goes to print a week from today and there is still work to be done, along with some package design!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

package update.

so today is wednesday... the day my big crit is for my package class. i will have better pictures soon and close ups of how the packaging functions. it was a lot of sewing pretty much the challenge of my life.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

activities guide.

soo blogger continues to mess up the picture color. but just click on it and it should be fine ill try and fix this soon.

Monday, October 29, 2007

relearning to sew.

i have an interesting idea of making packaging out of used fabrics. right now i am experimenting with a bag idea, but i am going to work on creating boxes tomorrow. there would also be a tag or some kind of a wrap that would have the product name, etc. still working on those details. check back later for the development of this project.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

weekend work.

the life of a designer never stops, not even on the weekend. these are just some fun sketches i drew yesterday. pretty much just doodles i am very into patterns right now so just experimenting with shapes and such. then there are also a few little logos that i did really really quickly for a friend as pro-bono. they are simple but i didn't have too much time to design or time to do it around all my other work.

Thursday, October 25, 2007


so this evening i had specific work to do for class, asi, the gallery, etc. and while doing it all... i think i came up with some cool little things. you'll see illustration is starting to show up alot in my work now.

the first is a concept for my new package project. basically we can choose to package anything we want as long as it has three different types of packaging. so, my idea fits me pretty well if you know, i am using my funky vintage, eclectic jewlery to create a made up jewlery collection called, "i found it yesterday." thanks mom. so the idea is to packag the jewlery pieces (earings, necklaces, broaches) in reusable fabric pouches or very cool, very custom boxes coverd in vintage fabric with a latch to keep the box closed. the weird fabric swatches i found will be posted later.

the collage with the blue background is an image i created for a potential poster for the "asi events and activities guide." its something different, but be just a little to out of the box though... will see. then the draws below are for another potential idea for the same project. sorta two different looks.

i smugged out photos i had put in, my digital file had issues so i only have the hard copy now. sad. anyways so yeah new stuff w/ more to come soon as well hopefully a good more chunk by saturday.

Monday, October 22, 2007

new project.

so i dont have any images yet of the new project i am working on, but they will come soon. just to give you a teaser... ASI (my design job) puts out a calender of events at the beginning of every quarter here at Cal Poly. it is known more now as the "ASI Events and Activities Guide," it's a cool project because one side is a poster and the other is a bunch of text... so you get to show your type skills as well as your fun design side too for the poster. i am very excited about the project and hopefully i get to complete the project without it being given to another designer. i'll post sketches and proofs as soon as i get out of the "ideation" phase.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

she says... fix it.

so, this was the "final" product for todays crit/final turn in, but in class everyone had some issues with their labels so we were given the chance to "fix" them. so this is what i will do, "fix it." this means check back soon for the final label.

too much...

you know you spend to much time in front of the computer working on projects when...
YOU HAVE A BRUISE ON YOUR FOREARM where your arm rests on the edge of your computer desk to mouse around. bah.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

i've been a busy girl.

so i have finally gotten back to blogging today. it was a busy week last week. i have been working alot on "fizzz'tails" which is due tomorrow so i will upload the final piece hopefully tomorrow afternoon with comps of the total package.

onto the news for today! i just wrapped up two big projects i have been working on.

Project#1: the print campaign for dusk 'til dawn, which is this big on campus event at cal poly through my job at ASI. it was a sweet project because i got to come up with the theme of the event, which was going to be like a freak show - coney island-ish. that plan was a lil' to much for the staff so we took the direction of a circus theme. i am pretty happy with the outcome: the drawing is all mine!

This first image is a large format 40x48" poster.

T-shirt Design for ASI staff to wear to promote the event.

These last two images are the front and back of a 4x6" card that was put students mailboxes who live on campus in the dorms.

Project #2 The gallery card for UAG: The University Art Gallery's upcoming exhibit. This card is mailed to anybody on the gallery's mailing list to inform the public about the currect work that will be shown at the UAG. (This is my other job! You will soon notice I am crazy and do a lot of outside work from my classes. You can only become a better designer by pushing yourself to do extra work is my thoughts!)

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

evolution of Fizzz'Tails

a little sneak peak at the direction for the potential "marks" for Fizz'Tails: Southern Belle a new beverage line for my package design class. more to come.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007


so this quarter I am taking a package design class. very spiffy if you ask me. I have really begun to like it because you have to think beyond the flat aspect of design, you have to think about how the final project will look on the product or package. the assignment is to create your own beverage. it can be anything from tea, soda, energy drink, juice, etc. my take on the project is to create a non-alcholic drink resembling the flavors of a mimosa mixed w/ peach. The line/brand name of the drink would be called Fizzz'Tails w/ this one drink called a "Southern Belle." I would like to have more then one drink in the line, other names would be "New York Minute," "Nothern Light," and "Left Coast Breeze." More to come soon as the project developes.

Monday, October 8, 2007

back in action.

so I am aware that it has been a while, but I am now taking the time to sit down and post the things I have been meaning to. these are all images from my sketchbook. just doodles and some experimentation with collage at the end.

the two sketchs of the girls were inspiration for my "Ready Mech" a project I had to do from my package design class.

so my boyfriend tyler is taking a jewlery class, so I was inspired to try and draw rings for ideas for him and then the bottom are ideas for a pendent using a pearl which he is acutally going to make!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

New to this place.

Hey all. So this new blogging thing is slightly new to me, but don't you worry I am sure I will be addicted real quick. As for my self I am a Graphic Design student at California Polytechnic State University (Cal Poly for short). I am currently in my 4th year, but not graduating yet, I am saving that for next year. I will start posting more and more as the weeks go on, so just check back and see what I have to say. Toodles.