Thursday, June 26, 2008

a little SWAG...

this summer got off to a slow start, aka i wasn't design' much outta the gates, but everything is moving along now.

im working on a little fun project, for some swag at a conference. below are just some ideas, all a little different. they all look a little me so my goal is now to figure out how to make them appeal more to a little older generation. soo off to do some more exploration, but thought it would be nice to share because i haven't posted in a while. ill try and post some more progress as i go.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

its june?!?

so, i took a little "vaycay" from this place. not on purpose but more because i have been designing less this quarter. meaning there wasn't much to post about. as for a recap... i saw the last of the posters i designed while at ASI. i should be starting with iiidesign soon, i have two more finals and then i am done with this year. i learned i suck at chemistry and i can't wait to get started on my way crazy idea for a hot pink alumminum potfolio case. will see how it goes, but i have a game plan.

as for the way this blog thing is gonna work from now on is gonna change a bit, for the better i think. haha.
i have been told (far to many times) that i like to talk... a lot. at least it isn't about dumb stuff, but i really have become interested in the design world in search of inspiration, see what others are doing, im also interested in the enviromental part of our world, so i like to talk about that. so those things might make an appearence from time to time. if you know me or are a regular buddy on iChat you know most likely know i surf the net a lot and find things. so i am going to share them with you here, on my blog. i like sharing, cause i am always up to learn something knew. so you are more then welcome to share anything you find with me too.

so i am off to enjoy the good weather before work tonight and then its a study weekend for me. ill try and post something this weekend though i have a few little things that i finally finished to show off. toodles.