Thursday, December 11, 2008

smoked salmon snacks.

one more for yah.

this was for a friend. he is a real salmon fisherman, from alaska and everything. fun little belly band that would go around a paper board box with the salmon inside. *the fish would be a die-cut so you could see the product. i am going to make a mock up to see if its worthy of the portfolio or not. ill post those once i get them done.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

berserker cycle design.

told you ive been busy.

well this one was done a while back. done over summer, but just finally had time to dig it up and post it. ill have even more work to put up soon! i seem to be just cranking stuff out. lots of little fun things for friends... *i seem to be doing a lot of others peoples homework, but its fun and sometimes way better then my homework. anyways berserker. ta-da.

oh yeah i would have to say they were my first real client. thanks!

my final project for photoshop class.

its a combo of watercolors (tweaked for color palette), photos done in the studio (thanks eric and friends), and the my personal touch of illustrations to bring a little bit more personality to the final images. not gonna lie I still need some practice blending and cutting out people, i am gonna go back and work some more but these are the finals that i turned in. i printed them somewhat poster size (17x8 in). i would love to try this concept again in a more graphic way... will see.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

hi hi.
so just an update.

just did hound hooks for a group of IT students at cal poly. it was for for a product they designed, created, and sold.
this was the final the logo of the few I made. the leash still bugs me a little so i might need to go back and fix it.