Monday, October 12, 2009

Pecha Kucha Night SLO

It's time to share. The ball is rolling and my mind is spinning. The date has been confirmed and I am now working quickly to prepare for :: Pecha Kucha Night SLO :: Volume 9 on Friday, November 13th @ Steynberg Gallery, San Luis Obispo, 1531 Monterey St. I have been really wanting to get involved in the SLO Art Community and I am finally getting a chance! I will be speaking about my senior project, and now on going project, "The Unconventional Oddities of San Luis Obispo". Most who know the project will be surprised because I am scrambling, it will get done, but I am adding a new component to the project. However, you will have to wait to find out, sorry. So mark your calendars, bring tons of friends, and please come support me! I only get 6 min 40 sec of fame, so it's short/sweet and completely scary/nerve-racking all at the same time. Wish me luck and let the countdown begin! (yes, many ! used, but totally necessary) Check out the official :: Pecha Kucha Night :: for the history of the event, which 110 cities participate in, and more about the format.


Sara said...

oh! that's really exciting! and sounds like a really interesting night. do you have any idea how many speakers there usually are per event?

Amanda said...

The amount of speakers seems to vary but I think it's usually between 7-9. Volume 8 had 9 presentations and even for summer had a big turn out, although I am told during the school year its packed and sometimes they have to turn people away.