Tuesday, October 14, 2008


its been a busy few weeks here in little Slo Town. i wish i could share with you what i have most recently been working on a lot but its a work project and so... i cant really share. i will post images if the work gets used though, so look for that soon or maybe never? as for what i have here, this is my first attempt at collage like this, lighting isnt perfect but i kinda like it that way. this was from a trip to yosemite right before school started. it was a great way to end the summer. thats all for now. gotta get back to work to put some more stuff up!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

construction zone.

soo. im playing a little bit with the layout and trying to find out how to get an image to fill the whole space too. so work with me... please? i've got some stuff in the works, some new projects and such more will be told around the 18th. ive got this update in the works and a revamp of my portfolio site as well. toodles for now.