Tuesday, May 19, 2009


so its official.

i bought real hosting. i wanted to be able to use word press and i couldn't do that using mobile me. currently, thats how ivegonegraphic.com is up and running. anyways hopefully by the end of the week i will have something up and running. i really don't have a choice, because i need to have a working website for portfolio class and what i have now needed some help. look for something "fresh" soon.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

CP Portfolio Review.

Its been a blur of a last few days. They sorta all blend together, it was pretty much portfolio, portfolio, portfolio, but it all got done. Yesterday, was Cal Poly portfolio review which is mandatory if you plan to graduate and super helpful. I reviewed with 2 alums, both whom had good things to say, which was really exciting. I finally am feeling prepared and it's all coming together. So look out real world, i'm coming! Below are a few images of my portfolio, it is still def. a work in progress, but I think I am done with the layout and design. It is just down to getting the right pieces in there. I promise I will post all the spreads once I have locked in what is staying in there. I have 8 solid pieces right now, I had a couple more, but I am pulling a few after yesterday. They will be replaced before AIGA SF Portfolio review. They will be replaced with stuff that is in progress right now. Goal is to have 12 awesomely, amazing pieces. Yes I said that. Anyways enjoy, and sorry you can't see the type that clearly, the photos are just from my point and shoot.

oh, also... if you look, the band on the left pages indicates where you are in the portfolio. it moves up and down and is in 10 different spots, because there were 10 projects in my portfolio. the second to last image shows how it works pretty well. lastly because I have been asked in the past, the portfolio book is made completely by me. the covers are made with binders board, fabulous book cloth from Butterfly Book Binding, and end sheets i made myself - aka my own pattern printed out for them. bookmaking skills have really come in handy this year.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

AIGA 2009 Elections.

So, its nothing crazy, but a poster I had to do for the upcoming AIGA Elections at Cal Poly. We are looking for the next group of officers and I am getting ready to step down as el Presidente. Anyways, just simple and informative.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


so this isn't my work. but i had to share this find. looking for images and inspiration for a project, i stumbled across this image. a sweet three piece stencil. i would love to make something like this someday. just for fun, different style, you know branch out. anyways this work was created by :: .FAKE ::, found on flickr.

Sunday, May 3, 2009


this evening my friend :: Eric Herrmann :: helped me with his awesome photography skills. we reshot most of the work in my portfolio, all on black. this is the first time i have really photographed all my work, well at least the pieces i want in my portfolio. there were a few things i didn't photograph because it will show better as a digital file, mostly posters. anyways here are some of the shots of my work and the first real appearance of the Obama book and spreads of The Unconventional Oddities of San Luis Obispo.

the unconventional oddities.


poster will be shown digital. this was 1 of 500 buttons made.