Wednesday, May 7, 2008

a change.

so, it's time to put the sadness and the fact that i will never see my mini portfolio ever again behind me. much has changed from the last post. i had an interview the same day i was turned down from pixar, by the end of the week i had an internship for the summer! it is with a little studio in town called iiidesign. i am very excited i think i will be able to learn alot there. as for taking the internship, that brought me to today my last day with asi. it was a great year there, so much fun to see things i designed all over campus. but it was time for a change and a move to refining and cleaning up my designs.

moving to now. i am taking a nice break from a lot of work, just working a little at apple and design' a lil' on the side. next project up is my best friend Jenn's graduation announcements. ill post them when i am done, check back after the weekend maybe?

oh this summed up my mood when i got my internship. hehe.