Friday, March 27, 2009

pixar.... do you see me?

so as many of my readers know, i have a dream to some day work for Pixar Animation Studios. so again this year I am knocking on their door! After finishing the toughest quarter of my life in school, which included many all nighters, very little sleep, and no social life, I took on one more thing... handmaking my crazy portfolio book just for Pixar. It took me about 4 days of finding all the files I needed, lots of formatting and a spur of the moment photoshoot, but I got it done and the book arrived at Pixar yesterday at 9:10am.

This is my shout out to you Pixar! This is my third year applying for an internship and I am hoping this is the year, because there is a Graphic Art position! I am hoping it is destiny calling, because I am graduating and my dream job finally is up for grabs. So, hey Pixar, I am the one you want, I will work my hardest everyday, please give me a shot? At least an interview? The portfolio, (that I sadly will never see again) is me in a book, hopefully it was enough to knock your socks off.

Oh and yes, I know the book is intense, but it shows I am driven and it was supposed to be overwhelming, maybe a little crazy is good. Shows I want it!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Dancing Dude.

This was made last year when I made "Smooth Moves" in book arts last year. I forgot about the movie, which was something I just did for fun after I was all done. I just came across it while I was looking for another file and thought I would share. Happy Monday all and Happy Spring Break to me.

Friday, March 13, 2009

senior project photoshoot.

so, today i turned it all in... well all of senior project stuff at least. it has been a rough week here on johnson but, getting better. took the afternoon off and picked up my mess caused by the making of "the unconventional oddities of san luis obispo." anyways, i just wanted to share a few pics. i will post more later, but don't have time to photoshop them all now. signing off and back to work tomorrow to finish another book/poster thing. check back later for that.



So is a better look at some of the book. My images still need some work, but you can see more close up.

The Unconventional Oddities of San Luis Obispo is a quirky guide to unique findings in the city of San Luis Obispo, CA. The book is a look through my eyes, as you are lead from place to place discovering things that many see as mundane or never take the time to stop and just look. If you are in the area and find more oddities let me know!

Also, there are 25 handmade books (still in production). The plan is to have another edition made, but not made by hand so my cost of production is cheeper. Enjoy.

Monday, March 2, 2009

typographic crime.

so. everyone knows my distaste of papyrus. no not paper, the typeface. although by Marian Bantjes qualifications, because it only has one weight, it could be classified as a font. ok people, so other than a few typefaces, you shouldn't use the ones that come with Microsoft Word! With that being said, at this time the only people that I won't get mad at is the state of Montana, i'll let you slide, you're rustic and such. i will let you have Papyrus, but thats really because i don't think I will be back to visit for a while and maybe you will be over it by then. ( it is everywhere there! jam jars, signs, it's used in yellowstone national park!) But, to all the others... stop with the papyrus. please.

anyways. enough of my yapping.
this was all brought on because over this quarter tyler has being studying for a packaging class and his teacher is having a love affair with papyrus. the power point is covered with it, like every slide. ugh. so on that note, check out these crimes his teacher commits weekly.

- the papyrus eradicator

exhibit A

exhibit B

exhibit C