Wednesday, April 29, 2009

chronicle books fellowship.

soo... most people that know me, know i have a thing for books. i prefer the ones with pictures, but reading is ok every once and a while. my love for books has led me to pursue the publishing world. currently i am learning that it never hurts to try, in this case, the bar can never be set too high. i have being lucky and gotten to visit : chronicle books : twice now because of the Art and Design department at Cal Poly. i have to say they have the most beautiful workspaces of all the studios i have been to. they have this fabulous lounge space with furniture i dream to have in my own space someday, also being there are books everywhere. being surrounded by awesome books and designers all day, um, hello,- sign me up! so i did just that, signed myself up aka submitted my portfolio to Chronicle Books for the Publishing Group Fellowship. i was very torn, because the industrial designer position sounded very cool too, but alas I stuck with what i know. i have some really high hopes, mostly because i am in love with the final presentation. i was really hoping to at least be a little different, and by the look on the receptionists face when i dropped it off, i did just that. she flashed me a smile and had this look of "this is a little different" or maybe she was confused and thought i was delivering a postal package. anyways - i like it and it shows me. me in a box, inside a book if you will. so now i sit and wait. i would love an interview and i would love the job, but lets shoot for an interview first. keep your fingers crossed!

these are a few shots of the box as it opens and the books
(portfolio and process)

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