Thursday, July 24, 2008

big news! But not really.

so currently I am doing something a little strange, but cool at the same time! I'm posting this from my snazzy new iPhone! Eekkk soo fun. (mom forgive me now for typos, I'll go back and fix them) so it was a good day yesterday a new toy which is helping me communicate better with everything going on here at i've gone graphic. I never thought they were something you really really needed, but I've now had it like 24 hours and would be extremely sad if I it was taken from me. Haha.

anyways enough about the dumb phone, I know.
So yesterday night I saw john mayor live at the midstate fair! so amazing. I'll try and post a video, I was very impressed with my little digital camera. after that long day of fun I worked a lot and also was able to finish the Berserker Cycle Design logo. still not sure about the snot green Adam, haha. anyways it's been a good week check back for pictures.

Friday, July 18, 2008

green things.

i didnt intentional pick these images because they both have a lot of green, but funny how that worked. anyways this post is just to share some fun things to look at. first off is the restaurant front made of old windows. almost every rectangular shape has a different style of old window, all come together to makes for very catchy curb appeal. (images taken in Sebastopol, CA of West Country Grill) the next set are off these really cool looking caterpillars that are found sometimes on tomato plants, known as "tomato hornworm." they look neat with the pattern and they can get really large, (found two really big ones today) but you want to get rid of them because they will eat your tomatos.... sooo not cool! so yeah we put ours in the green waste bin :(. *if you haven't noticed, we are growing tomatoes! tyler and i have 4 tomato plants (big ones) growing in the backyard.

maybe ill have to start having color theme'd posts?

Thursday, July 17, 2008

an end to the swag.

hello all.

i know i have been away again for good amount of time. the sad part is i currently return with nothing. i learned first had the hardships of being a freelance designer since i was last here. i found out just because you design things for a client, (getting deep into the process aka almost having the whole identity completed) doesn't mean they can't say, "nah we changed our minds we are going to go with something else." meaning my fun designs i created ( posted in my previous post for "swag" ) aren't being used. which i am totally cool with cause i can use the ideas/styles another time, the coolest one wasn't even posted, but it will be eventually I am gonna rework it a little and maybe make some shirts with the mark. ill post it once i finish it up. so as that door closed i got a cool chance to work with a friend on a project he is working on. he has a company, Berserker Cycle Design, that i am designing the logo for and maybe some other stuff. will see. i will also post those once the design gets finalized. check back soon, i should have some fun stuff up in a week or sooo. its summer soo posting is a little slower, sorry design'y friends who read this expecting more.