Friday, January 30, 2009

an end to continuum.

the class got a lucky break and although the poster were "due" wednesday, we got one more round. which was just a nice way of telling us we all weren't finished and they still kinda sucked. anyways today was the due date and they are all done this time. as for my feelings on my project, i knew i wasn't finished with it on wednesday. there was still things that bugged me and i didn't get enough time to step back and not really think about it. so i didn't think about it for about 24hrs and with a little help i made some tweeks, made some things "pop" a little more, added a dash of legibility ( which was cause by my love for hairline type ) and ta-da. complete. i am actually pretty happy with it, except for tickets, something me still irks about it. the color is my favorite. im gonna have to make up some more quirky colors, as my teacher put it. anyways here is the final, i think i might just kern the type in a few more places and then its done, done, like i put it in the portfolio, no more fixing, done. oh if only things were ever really done done. im sure i will find something. oh, and scroll down to see its evolution.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Friday, January 23, 2009


just an early comp of my poster for orchesis. its a project in my advanced type class, as charmaine likes to remind us... "in no way are we advanced." which is very true. anyways. just a rough idea to really get the idea dialed in. now to refine. i need to kern type, trace my swirls, ( because live trace should never be used for a final go ) and draw some new doodle dancers too. i'll give more details on the project when i actually finish.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

"The Unconventional Oddities of San Luis Obispo"

I have a favor to ask - but it should be fun, so don’t worry!
I am working on my Senior Project to get the heck outta Cal Poly, and I need a little help.

I’ll try to make this short and sweet.

The Project:

The goal of my project is to compile and illustrate and short book titled, “The Unconventional Oddities of San Luis Obispo.” Basically a travel guide to the Downtown area of San Luis Obispo, possibly the whole city and outlying areas. This would not be your average guide. My guide will be a detailed adventure to the side of our famed “SLO” town that even some “SLOcals” may be unaware of. The guide will highlight the many quirky objects, architectural details, history, and secrets that sadly get overlooked by many. Now is their time to shine!

Currently I have set my bar at making the book at least 64 pages but I would love to make it bigger. The only way I can do that is with a little luck and help from friends. So that’s why I have asked for your help.

So, What I Need From You:

What fun, slightly (or completely) not normal things in the City of San Luis Obispo you know of. I would love to site everyone in the book that helps me, let me know if you don’t want to be sited. I will need...

Your full name (how I can reach you too... This of course will not be released)
Brief description of the oddity
Where the “oddity” is (address or at least cross streets, please)
What do know about it (history or anything)
Do you have a personal story that goes with it (maybe you had your first kiss there, something spooky happened there, etc.)
Why you think it deserves “nomination”.

And a little idea of what I have I have so far...

(I have a few more but they are secrets!)

1. Weathervane on the Court House
2. Wall Behind the Historical Society - Supposedly used to be part of the Mission?
3. Sycamore Street (Now Walnut Street) - History
4. Ramona Station - ( dunno if it will be included )
5. Door to No Where - Side of Muzio’s Deli
6. Hitching Post - on Islay St.
7. “M” - What it Really Stands For
8. Palm Theater - Only Solar Powered Movie Theater in the US
9. Geo Cache - Altoids Box in the Mission.
10. Bear - Behind Bars on the Creek
11. Gorilla - At McClintocks Downtown
12. Mo-Tel
13. Hidden Details - On the J.P. Andrews Bldg.

This is just a start and I need alot more to really get rolling, the things can be anything sculptures, paintings, murals, architecture, hidden secrets, stories, the invisible, etc.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

fun with cookware.

so I am just full of posts tonight. ( which means i finally downloaded pictures from my camera ) but i just had to share these really fun cooking utensils that my mom gave to us all for christmas. sorry i cant remember the name of them, but they came from sur la table. i think i have played with them more then cooked with them.

an addition to the team.

say hello to Bogie.
ok, so he is not a designer. but he is part of the team over here on johnson. he is a long haired red dapple mini dachshund. ( such a mouth full ) he is almost done with puppy shots and then he is become a fabulous disc golf player. mini disc and all. ill keep you posted if he becomes famous, but if you wanted to check out more about him tyler and i will share more on our blog. check out The Adventures of Ty & aDub well back to design. i have a lot of work to do on the senior project. ekk.

happy new year.

i would just like to say.... I have 2007, 2008, and now 2009 worth of blog posts! although I haven't posted that much. ah, but guess what, my new years resolution ( for my blog ) is to post at least once a week. i have enough going on now with senior project, advanced type, freelance stuff, being a junior designer at iiiDESiGN, building my portfolio, revamping my .com and getting close to graduating. see a lot going on.

so with that bring on the new year and some new opportunities.

ta-da! some new work too. this is a comp of my first project for advanced type with charmaine. the project was to combine three separate bodies of text ( chosen for us ) using what ever methods we choose. the only rules were that only one type family could be used ( the whole family could be used though, bold, demi, italic, etc. ) and the use of lines are aloud. my concept was to create two spaces one for the male and female voice, with the radio text acting as white noise and the coffee directions interrupting the females train of thought. so there you have it, check it out, and let me know your thoughts.